TTS is a NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) and CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission, USA) certified fabric lab.

We have a team of experts, they fully check the fabric to insure optimum quality. The clothing and fashion industry constitutes a considerable part of the textile industry and plays a great role in helping millions of people to represent their own personality and lifestyle. Therefore, customers are highly paying attention to the quality and safety of the products.

We offer a large portfolio of services to ensure your products are compliant with relevant regulations on harmful substances and reach a high level of safety and quality requirements. With a trusted brand at your side, our experts help you boost customer confidence and gain competitive edge in global markets. To ensure a smooth and fast market access, we support you with all necessary certifications, inspections and regulatory researches.

Benefits At A Glance
As an accredited testing body, our services help you:

  • Ensure compliance with statutory and voluntary requirements concerning harmful substances and quality
  • Provide consumers with safe and tested products
  • Boost confidence in the quality and safety of your products
  • Gain a lead against the competition with a neutral audit seal

Services offered
TTS partners with clients throughout the production cycle to assess risk and develop solutions that effectively evaluate the quality and safety of textiles for Men, Women, Children clothing, Home Textiles and Accessories.

1. Quality and safety Assurance for Apparel Textiles & Home Furnishings
TTS helps ensuring regulatory and brand compliance of your products. Our experts perform chemical and physical testing to optimize products, mitigates the risk of costly recalls and thus protects your brand.

2. Safety Testing for Children Clothing
Safety testing of apparel and accessories for children focuses on small parts ingestion and strangulation hazards.

  • Button, Snap, Trim and Appliqué attachment resistance
  • Safety and dimension evaluation of cord and drawstrings
  • Flammability resistance of children clothing
  • Overall safety assessment of garments with attention to sharp points and edges

3. Labeling Instructions & Recommendations
Based on testing result and garment requirement, TTS can recommend:

  • Care labeling (Washing/Bleaching/Drying/Ironing/Dry cleaning/Washing Temperature)
  • Fibre labeling
  • Testing for physical, chemical performance requirement

4. Chemical Safety- Restricted Substance List
A Restricted substance list (RSL) covers chemicals and other substance whose presence in a product is restricted through a government regulation or law, and identifies the most restrictive iteration of the that regulation worldwide. To remain competitive in today’s market, companies need to adopt sustainable business practices focusing on environment and human health. TTS offers monitoring of current and increasingly complex guidelines in accordance with the various European directives and international Laws.

Proficiency Fields
TTS utilize recognized methods to test your products for compliance to international, federal and regional regulations: • AATCC • BSEN • ASTM • ISO • DIN

Testing Reports & Communication
We follow TTS Inspection Report Format. All reports are in English language.

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